Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

How to exercise your Duck

Exercise is the best medicine for a duck. Squeaky the Duck has been so restless since the days have turned cold. She spends most of her day in her bed. … Continue reading

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Squeaky, Pet of the Month

Squeaky the Duck is the WestPlaza Pet of the month. The neighborhood association put out a monthly newsletter and the month of November has been dedicated to Squeaky the Duck. … Continue reading

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Squeaky as a baby

I came across this picture of Squeaky sitting on Bob’s lap as a tiny, young duck. Also, in front, is our sweet kitty Stoney, Rest In Peace. Stoney cared for … Continue reading

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Will I be remembered

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Sooner or later

The leaves are falling. The trees are majestic. Squeaky the duck enjoying the day. She hasn’t laid an egg all summer so I expect and hope she is still able … Continue reading

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Duckbill Dinosaur

The Duckbill Dinosaur, found in Colorado, were known for being good parents. We took our grandson to Colorado for a Dinosaur quest, and we found some dinosaurs at the museum … Continue reading

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Empty and Alone

Empty and alone is how Squeaky the duck has been feeling lately. It has been raining for days which leaves Squeaky’s food bowl flooded. Her feathers are taking on water, … Continue reading

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Duck Power

Hey friends, summer fun is passing. The mornings are getting chilly. Squeaky the duck keeps sneaking into the house. She very quietly walked past me when I opened the back … Continue reading

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Emotional Support Duck

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