Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Not a Good Photo

March 17 is Squeaky’s birthday. I count 6 years old. Please let us know you care. I don’t think this is a good picture. I was trying to show what … Continue reading

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Keeping a Pet Duck

Keeping a pet duck is an anomaly, they are usually farmed for meat and eggs. Every now and then, one little duckling finds a city home with fine people to … Continue reading

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Alive and Well

making the best of another cold day. We just watched 50 Ducks in a hot tub. Great YouTube feed from Canadian duck farmer who donates duck meat and duck eggs … Continue reading

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Squeaky, still snow and cold

The constant squeals and squeaks the caged duck carried on for days, till I opened the door and let her have at it. It, being the snow, just outside the … Continue reading

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Snow Duck


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An Angel

Squeaky appeared in her angel costume.

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Holiday Guests

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas! Enjoyed an evening of singing Christmas carols with my brother and sister and their dates.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holiday from Squeaky the Duck with love.

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Gentle Enough

These two get along as well as Republicans and Democrats. Don’t turn your back! 

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My dentist is a duck hunter

The dentist office was decorated with duck decoys. I asked, “do you like pet ducks or are you a duck hunter?” He said, “hunter, but I don’t like to eat … Continue reading

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