Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

In the Bush

Barbara Bush, May she Rest In Peace, and May thoughts and prayers comfort her family, although thoughts and prayers have never been good enough for school shootings that her party … Continue reading

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Stoney is gone

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Not a Good Photo

March 17 is Squeaky’s birthday. I count 6 years old. Please let us know you care. I don’t think this is a good picture. I was trying to show what … Continue reading

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Keeping a Pet Duck

Keeping a pet duck is an anomaly, they are usually farmed for meat and eggs. Every now and then, one little duckling finds a city home with fine people to … Continue reading

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Alive and Well

making the best of another cold day. We just watched 50 Ducks in a hot tub. Great YouTube feed from Canadian duck farmer who donates duck meat and duck eggs … Continue reading

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Squeaky, still snow and cold

The constant squeals and squeaks the caged duck carried on for days, till I opened the door and let her have at it. It, being the snow, just outside the … Continue reading

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Snow Duck


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An Angel

Squeaky appeared in her angel costume.

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Holiday Guests

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas! Enjoyed an evening of singing Christmas carols with my brother and sister and their dates.

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