Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

The Animal Experience

Living with animals isn’t right. I turned my husband on to it, but I want to rid our lives of the stink. He’s hooked. Won’t think of it. The animals … Continue reading

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it’s hot friends! Squeaky the duck enjoying the spray of the water hose. (Flint Michigan hasn’t had clean water to drink, water is essential)

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June it’s hot

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Squeaky is not feeling good

My heart is aching for Squeaky to get better. I’m diagnoses is that her hormones are out of wack causing her to lose her feathers and be irritable. I’m hoping … Continue reading

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No Republicans Please

I will start asking if individuals are Democrats or Republicans, because I refuse to let a republican touch my duck. I take pictures of people I believe Are good and … Continue reading

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Guardian angels church

There was a music festival going on at the catholic church on Westport Rd., Sunday evening. We could hear the music all through the Westport (West Plaza ) neighborhood. Squeaky … Continue reading

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We play

Westwood Park, here in Kansas City is a charming old neighborhood. Squeaky the duck contemplated diving in the fountain. Eventually she took the plunge. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t get out so … Continue reading

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Midtown Duck

Meeting new friends and neighbors on every adventure.

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The hunt for the dinosaurs

I have a friendly duck. Neighbors enjoy her greetings. We live in Kansas City, in an area known as West Plaza neighborhood. Within our community we have many artists, musicians, … Continue reading

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