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Monthly Archives: November, 2013

Duck Training

Squeaky the Duck loves to peck at feet. There’s something about the color of toenail polish that keeps her attention. Noticing what interests her makes training Squeaky the Duck possible. … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving from Squeaky and Friends

  The Girls say, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Duck Prayer

The News report, back in October, noted that the Robertson family from ‘Duck Dynasty’ had been asked by their producers, to stop using “Jesus’ name,” while praying on T.V. “Duck … Continue reading

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Duck vs Chicken Eggs

Squeaky the Duck, lays an egg every day at 4 am. Affectionate ducks lay eggs. The concern is, are they safe to eat? I love chicken eggs. I eat one … Continue reading

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Squeaky the Duck Bio

Squeaky the Duck, is my pet. Her life, is presented in a short story, rhyme, and daily blog. By mere accident, I discovered how much children love ducks. When we … Continue reading

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The Sound of Squeaky

The moist goo, smashed into my sock, brings out a four-letter word each time I step in a Squeaky surprise. The stupid bird brain, duck can’t help herself, that is, … Continue reading

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What To Do With A Duck

What are we going to do with Squeaky the Duck, during the winter? When we got the duck, she was tiny, and as you know she grew and grew, until … Continue reading

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For Her Fellow

Squeaky the Duck, a friend to all, no muffled greeting will do. With a holler, a whoop, a shriek, and a yammer, she bellows a “quack” for her fella. Max … Continue reading

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My Name Is Squeaky

I stepped outside to bring Squeaky the Duck, in from the rain, the ground was wet and the sun had gone down. A young couple was walking up the street … Continue reading

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Our House The Trading Post

Squeaky and her friends live in this Historic 1850’s trading post.

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