Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky




When Squeaky the duck was very little, she squeaked, and squeaked, and squeaked, and that’s all. Then one day we heard a strange sound. The sound boomed off the walls like a rocket attack. Squeaky the duck had learned how to quack! And she quacked and quacked! And quacked some more. The duck is very sweet. Squeaky inspired us to write a book. We are now looking for an Agent to represent the illustrated book we wrote about Squeaky and her friends. If any one would like to recommend a children’s publisher or agent, please leave a comment.



Squeaky enjoys taking a stroll along Kansas City’s Antique shops on 45th Street. The best part is stopping for a drink at the cement birdbath. Squeaky is beautiful with her white tiara feathers atop her head. I, on the other hand, am not wearing the most flattering dress. Squeaky is available for school visits. She enjoys going to local elementary schools. The teachers and children love to hold and pet the duck for hours until Squeaky bites my finger, as if to tell me “it is time to go.”

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