Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Squeaky Takes Flight

I was standing in the kitchen eating a slice of smoked salmon as Squeaky the Duck watched me eat. Squeaky, started behaving aggressively this morning while I ate. (Spoiled rotten duck). She’s making a high pitched squeak, that sounds like a squeaky sneeze. We used to say, “God bless you,” when she made that sound. But now I’m understanding her squeak to be asking me for a bite. She wants my fish.

Suddenly, the duck’s feathers began to flutter, faster and faster. Then with a leap, Squeaky the Duck, spread her wings and flew up to my mouth and snatched the salmon from my hand. Squeaky the Duck had never done this before. Domestic ducks are not able to fly, at least that was the case of Squeaky the Duck. This is the second time I have witnessed her trying to fly.

We have learned that she is happy when she is squeaking, as this is the sound she makes as she eats. However, the sneeze like squeak in more of a plea for something. In addition, she has several quacking sounds that indicate communication.

I put together a little video of Squeaky the Duck on YOUTUBE. Viewers can see the little duckling who grew and grew. Every day, Squeaky gets into something. Sometimes, I don’t know who is the boss, her or me.

The music on the video, is Bob’s band, The Horde. In 1967, Bob and his college pals recorded an album in North Carolina. The album, “Press Buttons Firmly,” survived the ages and was republished by Break-Away-Records of Germany. The particular song on Squeaky’s video is titled, “VD’s Thing.” No particular reason it was chosen.

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