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Squeaky the Duck, supports Duck Dynasty's prayer in "Jesus' name"

Squeaky the Duck, supports Duck Dynasty’s prayer in “Jesus’ name”

The News report, back in October, noted that the Robertson family from ‘Duck Dynasty’ had been asked by their producers, to stop using “Jesus’ name,” while praying on T.V. “Duck Dynasty” is a reality t.v. show of a family that has a duck call business. I bought one of their duck calls to amuse Squeaky the Duck, but I digress. They were asked to refrain from using the word, ‘Jesus’ in prayer, as it may be offensive to other religions. Squeaky’s friends, support freedom of religion and Duck Dynasty should be able to end a prayer in “Jesus’ name.”

I just saw the newest episode of “Duck Dynasty” and as a theme, the family has dinner, at the end of the show and says Grace. Although, in the new episode, they end their prayer with a singular, “Amen.” It is too bad that they were persuaded to give up their tradition of saying, “in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Many folks mumble and grumble that government acts like Healthcare for everyone, is a step toward socialism. I would be more afraid of the “Corporation” the power and control over the people is great. It is their influence that removes words like jesus from t.v. or from a families prayer. ):

Love you all.

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