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Science Experiments With Duck Eggs

Duck Egg in Jar

Duck Egg in Jar

Today is Make a Donation Day

I am raising money for soccer scholarships for 3-4 year olds who live in poverty. Please consider donating to help kids participate in local sports and activities that otherwise would not be available to them because of family economic situation. There are over 1500 youth soccer teams throughout the Kansas City and surrounding areas, however participation costs money. Parents who struggle to provide shelter and food, don’t offer their young children the opportunity to socialize in group sports. The PBWCKC sponsors projects that raise funds for toddler/youth soccer. Donate at,


Are you aware of my monthly science blog, Starting a Laboratory? Each month Squeaky and friends volunteer to help Professor Science perform a science experiment with duck eggs.

“Science Experiments with duck Eggs,” will feature a monthly video that introduces science to young children. Each episode will introduce the target audience, of three year olds, to scientific methods, science vocabulary, and teach children how to make educated guesses.

Please comment or contact me, if you’d like the URL to my YouTube DuckScienceVideo.

The blog can be found at http://startingalaboratory.wordpress.com

I am looking for 3 and 4 year olds to join me in making science videos, if you and your child would like to volunteer, please drop me a line.


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