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The Snow Lay On The Ground

I’ve attended the church in Brookside, Missouri (on occasion). The folks in this choir are singing my favorite song. My parochial school teachers taught me this song when I was a child. I find myself humming it in my mind all the time. I was so happy to come across this video. They are singing it in a round, just like my teachers had my class sing when I was in first, second, and third grade.

I had to click-through a lot of videos online, of this song until I found this version. The tempo was too slow in the others (traditional of this old Irish Hymn.) I was starting to think the version in my head was made up, until I stumbled onto this tune. I remembered our class, telling the pianist to play faster, and pastor nodding approval. I think it is a nice tune for cold days. Singing helps clean the winter phlegm out of the vocal chords.

I also noticed that the video is produced by username, ‘blindducks.’ That makes it worthy of posting on Squeaky the Duck and Friends.

The Snow Lay On The Ground

The snow lay on the ground,

the star shone bright,

when Christ our Lord was born,

on Christmas night.

Venite adoremus Doninum;

Venite adoremus Doninum;

Venite adoremus Doninum,

Venite adoremus Doninum.

The gentle Mary, Babe, so young and strong,

who welcomed them, to the promised child, with a song.

She laid him in a stall at Bethlehem.

The cow and oxen shared the roof with them.

Venite adoremus Doninum;

Venite adoremus Doninum.

Saint Joseph, too, was there to tend the child.

To guard him and protect his Mother mild.

The angels hovered ’round and sang this song:

Venite adoremus Doninum;

Venite adoremus Doninum,


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