Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Warning for Microwave Popcorn



I enjoy sharing my popcorn with Squeaky the duck. We both love popcorn. I make a batch at least every night. I pop it in a pan with canola oil. I stopped eating microwave popcorn about five years ago, when reports that the yellow oil substance used could be a carcinogen. When I worked at the hospital laboratory, I had to select such food from the vending machine.

Last night, I ran out of Orville Redenbacker’s kernels to pop. I tried to ignore the hunger pains, but as the days and nights are becoming colder my appetite picks up. I bundled up and went to Quick Trip. They don’t carry 100% popcorn kernels. I asked the guy behind the counter where the popcorn was. My only choice was to take a single bag of microwave popcorn home to eat.

I popped it and tossed a few pieces to the floor for Squeaky the Duck. The duck started after the popped kernels. Then she walked away with her beak in the air. Squeaky the Duck turned up her nose. The dog, Max had no issues whatsoever with the popcorn and waited for me to toss down some more.

I am now convinced that I will never again, eat microwave popcorn. If the duck won’t eat it, I’m not either.

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