Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

The Power of Squeaky the Duck


The moment I put her in his hands, the man from KCPL fell in love with Squeaky the Duck. The KCPL truck had arrived a little after seven in the morning. The noise from their diesel engine trucks woke up Squeaky. She Quacked and quacked until she found a way to break out of her cage. Next thing I heard was her loud quack beside my ear as I tried to cover the pillow over my head and wish her away.

Power Squeaky

Power Squeaky

There was no use in trying to go back to sleep, with the rattling engine of the KCPL truck and the duck pacing beside my bed. I got up, and as soon as I did, the duck, dog and cats ran to the door. They wanted to see what was going on out side. I didn’t, I cracked opened the door just enough to let the pets out. One, two, three, Squeaky leading the way.

You should have heard the laughs and bellows from the men working on the light pole. It must have been quite a sight for the working men to see these four animals walking in a line of follow the leader. Of course, I could care less,  I was not amused by my pets, I wanted to go back to bed.


Squeaky refused to be quite in the backyard. She wanted to communicate with the KCPL guys. After several hours of trying to ignore her quacking sound coming from back, I went out to get her. I decided to introduce her to the KCPL crew. Once Squeaky the Duck got properly introduced, she was less noisy.

The KCPL guys were glad to meet Squeaky the Duck. I asked the guy if he didn’t mind posing for a picture. He was more than happy to. Later, the guys gathered their tools and climbed into the KCPL truck, on their way to lunch, I heard them say,” When I got up this morning, I never thought I would have a work day like this.”

Another said, “Ya, this has been different, but the best day ever.”

“That was a sweet duck.” Squeaky the Duck had some new playmates today.

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