Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Google Duck


Today, marks a historic moment. We got Google Fiber today. Squeaky the Duck tried to make a new friend.  Yesterday, Squeaky had a good time playing with the KCPL workers, who enjoyed her quacks all morning. The Google Fiber guy wasn’t really that thrilled.


While the Google Fiber Company was installing my new cable and internet service, the KCPL team was back to finish installing a new light pole. Which is also a historic moment for my house, which has been in Westport since 1853 (it served as a Saloon for the cowboys of the Santa Fe Trail).


Since Squeaky the Duck freaked the Google Fiber guy out a little, I decided to let her go outside. She headed straight for the KCPL guys. She really does have a discretionary sense about things and opinion.

The KCPL fellows said that their Facebook pages got a lot of responses (hits) after they posted their pictures holding Squeaky the Duck. I wonder how to find them on Facebook???

By the way, Google Fiber is very fast, I like the upgraded system. Kansas City has always been up to date with its technology.

Hope your Christmas hits new heights of fun and holiday delights!

(For those who can, please consider donating to a new non-profit organization, I started. The mission is to help pre-school children of underprivileged families. Also, sign up as a member of my new non-profit organization, I still need members.) http://pbwckc.webs.com

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