Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Holding Out


Squeaky the Duck is still troubled by our house guest. She just won’t lay an egg in the house. Several days back, the mystery about the duck egg began. There was no egg in her cage. I noticed that her egg laying time had changed. It moved to 7:00 am. Then it moved to after ten in the morning. The major change in the home environment is a relative staying over; while he finds a job and his own place.

Squeaky the Duck also operates as a movement detector. Our house guest has been unable to rumage through room to room, because the duck sends out a vibration of sound that identifies his whereabouts. He doesn’t like our duck. He claims he didn’t grow up on a farm. (Does he know where he came from, and who raised him?) Squeaky the Duck has no problem with my daughter staying over or my three year old grandson.

Earlier last week, I asked our guest to get Squeaky’s egg out of the cage. Squeaky has refused to lay an egg in her cage ever since. The ground outside is covered in a layer of ice, and a layer of heavy snow. The colder temperature, and my ability to work from home, grants me the luxury of getting up later. The duck waits, patiently, in her cage until I let her out. She goes out into the snow and cleans up an area under a tarp and lays her egg.

This is a new routine. The old pattern was for me to let her outside for the morning and then take her egg from the cage. I usually cook the egg with my bacon while the house pets have recess outside.  She remains underfoot if I cook while the pets are in the house. I do notice she is very curious when I have an egg in my hand.

When eggs freeze they explode just like a can of soda pop in the freezer. I couldn’t find yesterday’s egg. I discovered it today. It was cold and split from the cold. Into the trash it goes.

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