Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Trouble is…



Squeaky the Duck is at Burge’s Bird Hospital in Grandview. Dr. Burge has a lot of rescue birds for sale.  If Squeaky didn’t make it, I might be interested in buying a $75 Macaw, that talks and is missing a toe. The rescue birds are very beautiful and very entertaining. I think they really want to be adopted; they put on quite a show.

The doctor had cut into Squeaky’s neck and tried to reach a hemostat device down her throat to reach at the coins in her stomach. This was unsuccessful.

The doctor let the duck recuperate and continued the metal poisoning antidote. Friday morning the doctor decided to perform the more dangerous operation of cutting through the duck’s stomach. The duck’s stomach is surrounded by a thin membrane then the gizzard which is very thick and difficult to cut through and more delicate to heal.

This risky attempt to remove the coins from her stomach worked. Two dimes and a penny were retrieved. However, the coins were badly decomposed by the stomach acids, we may not be cashing them in.

A second book is in the works, Squeaky Goes To The Hospital. New illustrations and new rhymes.

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