Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Duck, Duck, Swim



Ducks are interesting. If you get them young enough they imprint on you and follow you everywhere you go. Squeaky got her name because she was very vocal as a little duckling. She followed me all over the house and constantly chirped. Her chirp was like a squeak, thus the name.

Squeaky wasn’t fond of water. Have you heard, “like a duck to water?” Which for Squeaky only means she naturally floats in water. She likes to bathe but swimming had to be introduced to her. Her little friend Eddie learned to swim at the YMCA. Squeaky learned in the bath tub and then she tried the hot tub.

Eddie was afraid of the water then he learned to have fun. After he learned the basics like floating and blowing bubbles in the water he tried out the hot tub. Squeaky and Eddie like spending their afternoons in the hot tub, if only for a few minutes because it really is hot.



IMG_0924 IMG_1263 IMG_0922 IMG_1266


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