Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Great Moments

IMG_2612The Winter Olympics have been entertaining us for days. Yeah, the Jamaican Bobsleders made the Olympics. The came in 30 out of 30. Oh well, the Bobsled Song was a hit. As was the 1988 version of the Jamaican bobsled Song. Actually the 1988 Bobsled song was better.

The music that comes with these events is equally soothing. Most affected by the music is our pet duck, Squeaky. The duck nuzzled up to the speakers as the music poured in.

The Halfpipe looked beautiful, and I know nothing of the freestyle ski sport. The landing on the edge breathtaking. I find myself swaying back and forth as skiers manuever the slopes and “awing” when things go wrong.

The greatest performance was Adeline Sotnikova of the Russian figure skating. She won gold. Her performance flawless. I cried with her.

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