Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Squeaky’s Back



The sun has been out, and the neighbors are once again taking walks. Squeaky was spotted by a couple of little girls, “Squeaky’s back!”

The two little girls didn’t hesitate to step up into the yard to see Squeaky the duck. Their grandma said, “We missed Squeaky. Where has she been all winter?”

I proceeded to tell them that Squeaky has been in the hospital. Squeaky liked to eat everything she sees, but her favorite was seafood and little green peas. We noticed one day how she towered over the cat. Squeaky the duck had grown quite large and quite fat.

Squeaky likes to nibble on everyone’s lunch. There was hardly anything that she wouldn’t munch. I watched her eat, keeping her away from candy, shiny things and nonsense treats. She would peck at Max’s dog food, eat breakfast with the cats, eat my salmon, and I wasn’t keen about that.

Squeaky liked salads, burgers and fries, anything but duck food would light up her eyes. She would peck at grandpa’s wrists watch, car keys, loose change, guitar picks and pop tops. There was nothing too strange. I kept telling the duck, “Don’t eat it just because it’s pretty and you found it in the house!”

Well, Squeaky began to wobble from her nest one day. She wobbled a bit and had an odd sway. She looked kind of rumpled and quite out of sorts. Some feathers were missing and she had lost her voice. She tried to quack, but she was really quite weak. Only a squeak came out of her beak.

“Ooooooooh my tummy!” She seemed to say.

She didn’t want to eat. She didn’t want to play. I knew something was wrong when Squeaky the Duck didn’t get better before long. She had her blog, petduck.wordpress.com. Her days had been duck-u-mented.

She needed to go to the doctor. Quick! Quick! Quick! Squeaky the Duck was sick!. Sick! Sick!

So Squeaky went into her travel box, and into the car. We zoomed away because the Vet was quite far.

“Doctor! Doctor! What shall we do?”

“Squeaky is weak and her tummy hurts too.”

So the doctor x-rayed her tummy and what did she see? Two dimes and a penny as plain as can be!

“They have to come out?” The Doctor said. So Squeaky the Duck was placed in the hospital bed. Squeaky was afraid and rolled out a tear, but I told her there would be nothing to fear.

We waited for days for the telephone to ring. Hoping for good news from the doctor.

“We took the coins from her tummy and gave her a pill. Soon she’ll feel better, she was really quite ill.”

“Squeaky is so much better today, that you can take her home.”

So without delay we went right away.

Now Squeaky is much better. Her friends can come to play. Look, there are some of her friends, now.





2 comments on “Squeaky’s Back

  1. Karen
    February 21, 2014

    Well, this Grandma and Grandpa and the little girls are very happy that Squeaky is back !


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