Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Squeaky The Duck



When Squeaky was sick we took her to Burge Bird Services. Dr. Julie Burge and her nurse took good care of Squeaky the Duck. Dr. Burge runs a veterinary care center exclusively for pet birds.


Bob took several pictures as we picked up Squeaky from the bird hospital. The nurse asked, “Why were we taking pictures?”

“To make Squeaky illustrations,” we told her.

Squeaky was wrapped in a faded pink towel. I was nervous to hold her because of her stitches. She stepped into her travel box without assistance. We drove home.

Her feathers were missing and she was a little afraid of being handled. She didn’t quack. She stepped out of the travel box to her loving family. For weeks during her recovery Blackie the cat, slept by her side. Only the ducks cage separated them.  The cat loves his bird friend. And his stray cat friends know this, too.

One morning, Squeaky left her cage in a furious mood. She was pecking and biting everyone. She got a hold of Blackie behind the ears and pulled out a beak full of hair. Blackie didn’t flinch. He slowly turned, his tail still swaying, and sat facing the bird.

As Squeaky got better, Blackie, no longer tolerates her aggressive behavior. He runs from her grasp. Where I have seen him strike the other cat and dog, Blackie has never attacked Squeaky the Duck.

Keep reading the blog, as Squeaky has started to lay eggs everyday. It has been a pleasure to have a pet duck. This duck has had a huge impact on our family, pets, and friends. I will be sharing some of my favorite egg recipes and other things to do with eggs.


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