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The Best of Squeaky


Sunday, March 2. Duck ‘quacks’ don’t echo. Squeaky has been waking up at 3:35 am. I ignore her frantic low-pitched squabbles. Separated by the hallway, a bathroom between us and the duck. A trip to the *t* at night is always sure to alert the duck. I washed my hands and forfeited sleeping. Squeaky started to squawking so much I found an old Elvis movie to watch on the TV. Music to drown out the annoying successive quacks until I threw my robe on, and stuck my feet into my slippers. I will have a talk with that duck.

Squeaky can hear my footsteps; her quacks increase, I “Shshshsh” her. She tones it down as I approach. As I stroke her back she flattens out her wings and lowers herself to the ground. Like she is bowing to her master. Only the very tame duck does this. I pet her back and sternly tell her, “go back to sleep.”

I found nothing on TV worth watching so I went to email. Not a single note, not even a new WordPress notice. There is a snow storm throughout most the country. Where is everyone?

Squeaky and I have been outside several times, but not more than a foot from the door. We were just observing. Squeaky, Bob, and I are bored. Bob is playing steel guitar. Just practice songs, scales and so forth. Annoying for a wife of a musician. lol.

I am planning a ham dinner tonight. I have sweet potatoes/yams to go with that. I fed the frozen corn to the duck, so looks like broccoli. And if Mr. S is nice, I will make peach milk shakes for desert.

My brother wants me to pick him up, and let him spend the night. He has to go to his PO in the morning, and would also like me to drive him to his 8 am appointment. My husband won’t let me drive my car in this snow. My brother doesn’t understand this, as I have never let a man tell me what to do before. Anyways, I don’t see any tire tracks along my street, not many others are out driving. No good deed goes unpunished.

Squeaky the duck is happy to be in the kitchen with me. Got to go, dinner preparations and all that.

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