Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Missed Pictures

I try to take a picture of everyone who comes by the house. Sometimes the fabulous and famous or infamous stop by to visit Squeaky the Duck. Last week we had…

Riders in the Sky

Riders in the Sky

Riders in the Sky, an American Western music and comedy group.  They have been entertaining children with their cowboy fiddle band since the 1970s. I believe that Woody Paul, is the cowboy fashioned in the Disney movie “Toy Story.”



Robin Williams once stopped by here, prior to his show he was performing in Kansas City. He kept Bob laughing all afternoon. They went to the US Toy Store, and had everyone in the isles rolling with laughter, the private show was something to remember. The guy didn’t have a shut off switch, so it would seem. His talent will be missed.

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