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Monthly Archives: May, 2016

A Moment with Squeaky

Megan, Sarah, and Eddie with Squeaky, Memorial weekend.  Advertisements

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Sing Squeaky

This is Squeaky and Danny. Squeaky loves to be held. Danny likes to sing. Squeaky and Danny have a strong recognizable voice. Squeaky’s ‘quack’ sounds like a rocket attack and … Continue reading

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Wade in the Water

Mona, Danny’s wife and Squeaky. They have been recording a lovely song, “Wade in the Water.” Which is stuck in my head; I keep humming the tune. 

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Share Squeaky and a Song

  Hooray for nicer days! This week we visited with Amanda OBrien. She met Squeaky. And she played some steel guitar chords with Bob. Amazing talent. Looking forward to her … Continue reading

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