Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Strange Noise last Night

The sounds of an animal being tortured penetrated me out of a deep sleep last night. I was certain an animal was killings my duck. I jumped up out of bed thinking I had left the duck outside last night. I ran to the door and out to the yard. I tripped over Squeaky’s cage and found no animals in my yard. I had not left my pet duck out side, she was safely sleeping inside the house along with all my other animals and dear husband. I was however, outside naked in the middle of the night.

I returned to my bed. The sounds of an animal being tortured continued,  but they were coming from the neighbors yard. The noise continued and soon the my dog was barking and the duck was quacking and the cat was pacing. The best I could figure was the neighbors chickens were in distress. 

The next morning I released Squeaky the duck from her indoor cage letting her free to walk about the house. The rain came down outside inhibiting any of my pets from wanting to go out. So we all decided to pile into my room and sleep the rainy day away. But just as I slipped into a deep sleep Squeaky and Max the dog got into a scuffles each were at each other’s throat.

“What is going on” I separated the two. Max sulked and sadly retreated to the bed, he had no fight in him, so I knew the fight was started by Squeaky.

“Why did Squeaky attack Max?”

My best guess is that Squeaky heard the commotion last night. She knew or sensed the chickens had been attacked, but Squeaky assumed that Max the dog had been apart of the carnage. And Squeaky was determined to get even with Max. 

Squeaky the duck or vigilante!


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This entry was posted on April 29, 2017 by in Children's Literature.
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