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100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

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Squeaky cool like ‘dat


July 7, 2016 · Leave a comment

Sing Squeaky

This is Squeaky and Danny. Squeaky loves to be held. Danny likes to sing. Squeaky and Danny have a strong recognizable voice. Squeaky’s ‘quack’ sounds like a rocket attack and … Continue reading

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Peter and the Wolf

I love the musical story, Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, OP.67. All children should experience the music live or recorded. The flute is the bird, the clarinet the cat, the … Continue reading

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Missed Pictures

I try to take a picture of everyone who comes by the house. Sometimes the fabulous and famous or infamous stop by to visit Squeaky the Duck. Last week we … Continue reading

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I laid the beach towel over the lawn chair, intending to get some sunshine in my back yard. I went inside to get a cold drink and when I returned, … Continue reading

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101 Pictures of a duck #12

Photo #12 &  Photo #13 Squeaky and Brianna. Brianna, visiting from San Diego, California, enjoyed Squeaky the duck. She couldn’t have picked a nicer day. The temperature near 90. The … Continue reading

May 8, 2014 · 1 Comment

Squeaky’s Birthday/HATCHDAY

  Squeaky is turning one! We need to celebrate her hatch-day. I first saw the little duck, huddled under my daughter’s jacket on St Patrick’s Day, last year. I had … Continue reading

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Babysittin Blues

    Goo, goo, da, da. This girl babysitter has the blues. My brother has been rock’n here for more than a week. He got stranded here and on the … Continue reading

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Crazy Bird

  Crazy bird, she was. Only flew when no one watched. None could keep her. All failed to train her. Funny name she had. Time. -author unknown    

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The Best of Squeaky

Sunday, March 2. Duck ‘quacks’ don’t echo. Squeaky has been waking up at 3:35 am. I ignore her frantic low-pitched squabbles. Separated by the hallway, a bathroom between us and the duck. … Continue reading

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