Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

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July loves Squeaky the Duck


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Rain Today, Duck Inside

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Is That A Duck

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Strange Noise last Night

The sounds of an animal being tortured penetrated me out of a deep sleep last night. I was certain an animal was killings my duck. I jumped up out of … Continue reading

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Another New Friend

Squeaky embraces a new friend, Julie. Local musician/singer. The world feels right.

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Baseball Season

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One of many

Squeaky is certainly unique and one of many domesticated ducks in this world that has adopted a human family and lifestyle. I come across a new story about a pet … Continue reading

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Squeaky Meets Betsy

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Eggs Squeaky 

These are eggs that Squeaky the duck has laid over the last few weeks. They tend to vary in size from small to jumbo. It seems to me that she … Continue reading

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