Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Squeaky Goes Royals

Squeaky and I and some friends will be watching the Worlds Series tonight. And we will be cheering for the Kansas City Royals. This is Squeaky’s first baseball season ever! … Continue reading

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Peter and the Wolf

I love the musical story, Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, OP.67. All children should experience the music live or recorded. The flute is the bird, the clarinet the cat, the … Continue reading

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101 Pictures of a duck #12

Photo #12 &  Photo #13 Squeaky and Brianna. Brianna, visiting from San Diego, California, enjoyed Squeaky the duck. She couldn’t have picked a nicer day. The temperature near 90. The … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

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Squeaky’s Birthday/HATCHDAY

  Squeaky is turning one! We need to celebrate her hatch-day. I first saw the little duck, huddled under my daughter’s jacket on St Patrick’s Day, last year. I had … Continue reading

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Babysittin Blues

    Goo, goo, da, da. This girl babysitter has the blues. My brother has been rock’n here for more than a week. He got stranded here and on the … Continue reading

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Crazy Bird

  Crazy bird, she was. Only flew when no one watched. None could keep her. All failed to train her. Funny name she had. Time. -author unknown    

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Squeaky’s Blog Came About

Then Squeaky the Duck grew as big as your head and far too big to hide under the bed. Bigger and bigger and whiter he grew.  And Squeaky’s new hairdo … Continue reading

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Squeaky Laid An Egg

To see her egg first thing in the morning makes me smile and delights my rumbling tummy. A gift for me, from Squeaky the Duck. Each day a new egg, … Continue reading

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Squeaky’s Back

  The sun has been out, and the neighbors are once again taking walks. Squeaky was spotted by a couple of little girls, “Squeaky’s back!” The two little girls didn’t … Continue reading

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