Squeaky and Friends

100 Pictures of a Duck named Squeaky

Dinosaur Splash

On memorial day we walked along our West Plaza neighborhood and found this dinosaur! The day was hot, I was sweating, Squeaky the duck was panting, so we went for … Continue reading

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Little Miss Flint Needs Clean Water

I never forget there are communities without clean water. America has given tax breaks to large corporations who poison the water. As a Nation we have not protected our most … Continue reading

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I broke my phone

I broke my phone taking this photo (as part of my Westport Dinosaur posts.) This is the site where the metal creatures are made. The mother nest. As I stepped … Continue reading

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Squeaky the Midtown Duck

We found one metal dinosaur along Liberty Street. We also ran into some friendly neighbors who wanted to see Squeaky. One fella said he followed Squeak’s blog, http://www.petduck.wordpress.com Another local … Continue reading

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Sparse dinosaur hunting

Wyoming and 46 street In this photo, Squeaky looks like she’s a glowing angel. Squeaky, ready to fly away from this dinosaur we found on 47th and Wyoming. This metal … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs We See

Jackpot, Squeaky the duck had quite the day of dinosaur hunting. Check out these metal, nuts and bolts, creatures we found in various yards along a West Plaza neighborhood (Genesee … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Hunting

Squeaky and I did some dinosaur hunting today. I don’t know much about the artist/artisan of the nuts and bolts metal dinosaurs that grace the yards of various neighbors in … Continue reading

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Metal Dinosaurs in Westport

We spotted these four metal dinosaurs along our route from 46th and Bell to Westport Road. Then we found these dinosaurs along Genesee from Westport road to 46th street. All … Continue reading

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My Husband

The Kansas City Blues Festival is coming up soon. Squeaky the duck loves dancing to daddy-o’s guitar playing. Sometimes Squeaky out in public causes a bigger scene than Bob on … Continue reading

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Westport’s Folk Artist

If you’ve ever taken a walk through the neighborhood of Westport in Kansas City you may have seen a type of metal creature in nearly ever yard. A man known … Continue reading

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